La Habra Little League

LA HABRA – When Little League baseball began in La Habra, Dwight Eisenhower was president, a gallon of gas cost about 25 cents, the average price of a new house was just under $13,000 and the average American earned a $4,600 yearly salary.
La Habra City Little League is celebrating 50 years and a lot has certainly changed in the past five decades, include the fact the city fielded two separate leagues – East La Habra Little League and La Habra Little League – until 1985.

“Merging the leagues was the best thing for La Habra Little League as a whole,” league President Dave Gayton said.
In his 25 years volunteering with LHCLL, Gayton said the biggest change he’s seen is the addition of age divisions.
Children as young as 4 and old as 18 can now play Little League in La Habra and there is a Challenger division for special needs players, thus making baseball accessible to virtually everyone in the city.
Fields are lighted, uniforms are streamlined and snug and bear the logos and colors of those worn by big leaguers.
“It’s going strong,” Gayton said. “And the fields have never looked better.”

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